Episode 23 - Special guest Dr. Dina McMillan

June 30th, 2022


Dr. Dina McMillan is an American social psychologist and domestic violence specialist. She received her BA from Hunter College in New York and both a masters and doctorate in social psychology from Stanford University in California.

In 2007, after moving to Australia, Dr McMillan developed a ground-breaking program called Unmasking the Abuser.

Dr. McMillan wrote a book on this topic called, But He Says He Loves Me, published by Allen & Unwin, that’s currently sold in 14 countries. It’s become available in audible form.


In 2020 Dr. Dina began a podcast series called Unmasking the Abuser, https://www.buzzsprout.com/985186 and developed a new education program, Healing the Rift, to reduce racial, ethnic and gender bias. It offers useful information without blame and shame.


She currently lives in Australia.


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